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New main layout +additions!! :3

Recent Additions
- Added a new DIV layout, ID #26
- Added a new DIV layout, ID #25
- Added 2 animanga wallpapers
- Added 22 animanga icons
- Added 2 music icons

Hello again darlings! Today I bring you goodies!! :D First of all, you may notice a sliiiiiiiiight change to Hari's layout. And by slight, I mean I totally changed it. Because the old one started to really bother me. And I like this one so much more xD It features a lovely image of Sakito of the band Nightmare. I wanted to get back to what Hari was originally about - dark, grungy, and jrock. I got rid of the "Featured Design" section because... it was annoying and ugly. And sometimes the design really clashed with Hari's own layout and that is simply no fun.

I've been experimenting with using my old style of design and integrating it into my new coding. I've been super nostalgic lately, and the designs I made in my old style were always my favorites. Since I lost all evidence of those old designs, I decided to recreate my style :) Think of it as "going retro" xD I'm also super excited because I made Hari a new favicon, which is a black locust tree blossom. Get it? Get it? Harienju = black locust tree :x Also, it appears that some of my affiliates' sites are closed, so I removed them from the list for now. Should you guys reopen or have moved and forgot to tell me, I will gladly add you back :)
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Hurray, updates! :D

See that? I am actually capable of updating earlier than my usual bi-annual/annual updates :'3 *beams like Flapjack* Today I bring you content! As opposed to none. I realize I've been doing a lot more anime/video game designs lately :x I'm finding them a little easier to work with somehow. But it's probably just because I've been doing a ton of real-people design work when it comes to the fanlistings area of the network xD I was approved for Hizumi, Shinya, and Satsuki yaaaaaay~ :D But Hari news, yes. I've been trying really hard to keep track of my resources lately, since I realize I used to be pretty vague about them and I apologize for that :x Some of my resources now are from closed websites so I can't really give credit there though ^.^; Anyway, ready for the additions!? :D

- One new DIV layout, ID #22
- Another new DIV layout, ID #23
- And another new DIV layout, ID #24
- 21 game icons
- 11 animanga icons
- 3 music icons
- 2 animanga wallpapers

Some of this content is coming from a few fansites I've opened recently or I'm still working on :x I try to move only my favorites to Hari though, so there is some unknown content on those sites if you're interested :) There's SMILE.Syndrome (Yamamoto Yusuke), burn&rave (Zell of FFVIII), Featherdance (Falkner of Pokemon), and Reticentia (Fran of FFXII). There's also a Lavi of D.Gray-man fansite that isn't finished enough for me to shamelessly plug it yet :'3

I'm also working on different size buttons/codes to link back to Hari with so there's not just 88x31 ones. Not that anyone will link Hari - I'm sure nobody even comes here other than my affies anyway since Hari's known for being so dead xD
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New layout

HELLO MY LOVELIES! I realize that every visitor knows by now that I am just god awful at updating. But fear not! The updates do come once in a while! :D Its summer break now, so I hope to do quite a bit of designing! (Though things never tend to turn out as I hope :x) But heeeeeey, Harienju has a new layout if you haven't noticed~ :D It features Shin of the band ViViD :) It took me forever to figure out what to do with these lovely images of him, and it ended up being pretty simple in the end xD But honestly, I like it a lot more than the previous layout. Its lighter :)

- Added a new DIV layout, ID #20
- Added 9 music icons
- Added 4 game icons
- Added 2 animanga icons

07/18/11 * NEW ADDITIONS
- Added a new DIV layout, ID #21
- Added 7 animanga icons
- Added 2 game icons

My server has been having a crapload of downtime recently :x Has anyone noticed? ...does anyone even come here? xD; Oh! Hari got a new affiliate in January, but as I am a terrible, terrible person, I only just added her. I'm really sorry! T.T Welcome Asteria to the affiliates section! :D ALSO! Mija is now my affiliate as well! :D Mija is pretty excellent, so you should definitely go check her website out!

I think that's about it for now :x Hopefully it won't take forever for me to update again x.x
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Total Revamp

Waihullothere. Welcome to the revamped and pruned therefore I consider it new Harienju! I sort of abandoned Hari after multiple life crises occurring all at the same time, and when I returned (half dragged by my darling Mei Zhu~), I realized how outdated and cluttered and yuck the old Hari was, so (because I had free time xD) I took it upon myself to do a looooot of construction and deconstruction on my five-year-old design site. We have a new layout and an revamped navigational setup, and a nifty area for a featured design because it looked awful sitting in the navigation xD So, here's the list of what I did :)

- Pruned the div layouts down from 35 to 16
- Pruned the tables layouts down from 21 to 6
- Pruned the frames layouts down from 8 to 3
- Made all layouts cross-browser compatible
- Reorganized all content to new to old
- Added an old unpublished DIV layout, ID #017
- Added another old unseen DIV layout, ID #018
- Added an actual new DIV layout, ID #019
- Added 10 new game lj icons :)
- Pruned the animanga down from 3 to 1
- Pruned the game wallpapers down from 7 to 5
- Pruned the music wallpapers down from 11 to 6
- Added one new music wallpaper, ID#007
- Moved the update archive to livejournal for easier maintenance

I removed all inactive affiliates, but if you were an old affiliate feel free to smack me for doing this and make me add you back if you are still interested in being my affiliate :) In the mean time, I am looking for new affiliates, so feel free to apply :) I of course added my darling Mei Zhu of Frozen Rain as my affiliate because she is fucking rad :D

Feel free to ignore the fact that I felt the need to have myself some kaoani emoticons :) Want to know why my layouts weren't cross-browser compatible? Because I always forget the damn doctype -.-;

So, I want to keep Hari active. As active as hopefully one addition a month can be ^.^;